1.Close the door on your past and let it go. There are many ways to close the chapter on your past and learn to live in the present. You can try the simplest solution of writing the word “past” on a stick and throwing it away. Whatever way you choose, it is important to find a way to forget the past. It is important to leave behind regret, sadness, anger, hate or guilt, and start living your daily life without them.

2.Accept your choices and where you are. It’s not about being a prisoner of your emotions or past decisions. If you are in a place that makes you unhappy or surrounded by people who don’t understand your needs and make you sad, start fighting against negative emotions. Start consciously transforming your thinking to “yes, I want to be here, this is my decision and I respect it,” I am happy with it. Of course, if a place or person is destructive for you, it’s best for you to leave.

3.Give without expecting anything in return. Expectations breed pain and dissatisfaction. If you start giving without having any expectations, everything good you do will come back to you. If you start giving just like that, you will have your heart open to everything that comes to you. This will allow you to experience joy without expectations.

4.Let everything in, whether it’s sad or happy moments. The tendency is to hold on to moments. However, you must keep a sober mind. You cannot live in the past forever because pleasant moments that happen to you slip through your fingers. Don’t waste them by constantly living in the past. You can now simply create new and even more beautiful moments, different from before. Today is what you really have, and you can enjoy the beauty of the moment. You can also survive tough times because sometimes you like to drown in your misery, hoping someone will take care of you. Everything will pass. Nothing lasts forever. Let go of everything in your mind, don’t hold onto anything, not even the beautiful or unpleasant moments.

Incorporate these few things into your life…I mean really incorporate them. Don’t just read them. How will it be when you start applying these things in your life? How much will your life change?