Each psychotherapist’s client has her own unique situation that requires an individual approach and solution: abusive relationships, childhood traumas, toxic staff at work… But there are issues that bother most women on the planet. The psychologist told us about five problems that most women turn to specialists for solutions.


Always a good student – now he’s slipping to a C. He was a sweet and affectionate child – now he is constantly rude. Used to tell his mum everything – now he’s closed off and unsociable.

Many people think that in order to cope with this, you need to tighten control. Do not communicate with friends, do not sit on the Internet – are you not enough mum? Don’t dye your hair a wild colour, don’t listen to stupid music – listen to me. This is fundamentally wrong.

Opinion of a psychologist

At the moment of a child’s transition age, the transition age comes to you too. The child is learning to be an adult, make decisions, choose friends and hobbies. And you are learning to be a mum of an adult who has an opinion and can express it.

Become an authority figure for your child. If mum doesn’t have goals, hobbies and her own opinions, how can she be a respected adult to her child? Take care of yourself, show that mum is still a wow!


In recent years, women are increasingly turning to psychologists with fears, intrusive thoughts and panic attacks. How to provide for children in a changing political situation? What awaits us with global warming and atmospheric pollution? What if my husband is cheating on me? What if something happens to me?

A person feels insecure about the future and tries to foresee a thousand variants of events to try to prepare for them. All this not only causes unnecessary fuss in thoughts and poison life with negative emotions, but also affects the hormonal background of a woman, and therefore her health.

Opinion of a psychologist

The task of a psychologist in this case to help – a woman to strengthen her inner support. To rely on the well-being of the external situation means to depend on it: on the weather, on the husband, on the employer, on the state. It is important to remain stable under any circumstances.

If a woman will be confident in herself, in her abilities, she will more calmly perceive all the hardships of fate and act adequately to the situation, from a harmonious state, and not from a sense of danger inflated by anxiety.


Every person sooner or later asks himself questions: “Who am I? What have I done in this life? Am I living the life I want to live or not? What should I do next?”. It would seem? What is difficult in determining what you like and what you don’t like? But we are covered with such a thick layer of other people’s expectations, social norms and stereotypes that it can be difficult to see our true wants and needs.

Opinion of a psychologist

Ask yourself a question: is what I am doing giving me energy or taking it away? Is it something that I chose, or was this decision imposed on me from the outside? In this way we will gradually separate the grains from the chaff and define our personality traits.

It is better to go on a fascinating journey in search of the treasures of your own self with an experienced guide – a psychologist who knows which route to take you on, which corners of your soul to illuminate and the answers to which questions will be a real revelation for you.


Sometimes women are bothered by diseases that doctors cannot cure. All analyses and examination results are within normal limits, but the pain does not go away. It is necessary to understand that our body is much more complicated than numbers and diagrams in the results of examinations. Our health is affected by the feelings we have ever experienced and the constant emotional background, which we do not realise or deliberately try to “suppress”.

Opinion of a psychologist

The first step to recovery is to understand the cause of psychosomatics. For example, an unloved job, to which you do not want to go so much that the body resists it. Or a difficult relationship with a man, in which you constantly feel moral and physical discomfort. If the reason is known – start working on yourself. Find a job to your liking, establish a relationship with your partner, make your life comfortable!


This is probably the most popular request of most women. Dependence on the husband, cheating, quarrels, unwillingness to work on the relationship – all these are signs of an unhealthy relationship.

But why does this happen? It is important to understand one thing: there are only two people in a relationship – you and your partner. That means that two people are also responsible for mutual understanding. It happens that one person works on the relationship, and the other person accepts everything as it is. Because of this, too, there can be conflicts.

Opinion of a psychologist

In a relationship, you need to be able to listen to each other, to make concessions, to develop together. But at the same time, everyone should have their own hobbies, their own opinion, their own life. If one partner lives the life of the other – the second becomes bored, because he started dating a person who had some interests and development.

There are situations in which realising a problem is half of its solution, a person can cope with it on his own, having understood the cause. But if you realise that you are doing everything possible, but your condition is getting worse, it is better to turn to a specialist. A psychologist will guide you in the right direction and give advice on how to solve the problem.