In trying to squeeze a hundred things into a daily schedule, women forget about themselves and their needs. They substitute real desires with generally accepted criteria of happiness and success. Psychologist Natalia Luchnikova believes that one should listen to oneself, feed on useful energy and express one’s true self.


Learn, improve your ability to receive signals that confirm your talents and creative potential. These can be compliments, of varying degrees of depth and openness: “You made a beautiful flowerbed! You definitely have talent” or “You’re doing a great job!”.

What is important to a woman are fleeting compliments to which she actively responds with joyful acceptance or genuine outrage: “How can you say that about me!” Take care of yourself from contradictory reactions, when inside the compliment responds with joy, but outwardly manifests itself as displeasure and indignation. You need to learn to accept everything that reminds you of your talents and excellent qualities.

Learn to absorb everything that can be supportive. Become a seed that, once in the ground, attracts what it needs and rejects what is unnecessary. Fill yourself with useful energy, not being equal to the generally accepted recipes. Learn to listen to yourself and find your unique sources of filling. Remember that the brightest ideas will be subjected to the strongest attacks, primarily from your complexes.


Every moment something is happening in the world, and your life doesn’t stand still either. Be attentive to what occupies your thoughts, to words, actions, surroundings and events with which you come into contact. Learn to choose among hundreds of ideas those that help you move forward.

Inherent in the very nature of a woman is the ability to create miracles

It is difficult, but you can train this skill: react to what is happening in your reality and choose only your own, necessary.


Eliminate any form or manifestation of censorship. A woman knows how hard it is to bear the attacks of internal and external critics: “wrong”, “ugly”, “crooked”, “you can not”, “not yours”. Create a space in which you will remain yourself, that primordial, bold, daring, daring, which can express itself without restrictions.

Choose any hobby: crafts, singing, dancing, running, swimming, walking. The main thing is to be able to feel yourself, leaving the censors behind the scenes of the theatre in which you play the roles of daughter, sister, wife, mother, employee and approved unit of society. Show your primordiality, because it is the real thing, on which everything else is layered like a garment. The curled up, confused, looking around the stunning beauty evokes sympathy and pity. The sparkling eyes with mischievousness, together with her dancing gait, draw you in, leaving her appearance in the shadows, but highlighting the very natural courage to be herself.


Inherent in the very nature of a woman is the ability to create miracles – to manifest into the world that which is initially unimaginable. A woman is blessed with the gift of giving life. Look at a little girl, who is still far away from motherhood, but she is able to create a whole world out of nothing. Listen to what her speech is filled with as she plays. Creating strands of her own images, she weaves them into the fabric of an imaginary world and finds its embodiment in everything that is available to her.

Bringing new things into the world is the birth a woman can give. Give birth, give life to everything that comes to you with the emotion of joy and inspiration. Fill the world with your children, cosiness, singing, dancing, poems, prose, drawings, music, culinary dishes, dresses, flowerbeds – everything that is born in you from fleeting impulses.


Guard the time in which you express yourself: creating, giving birth, being filled with the creative process. The whirlwinds of everyday life can tear apart any of your designs if you let them. Be careful with yourself and the time you allocate to yourself. It doesn’t matter how much we’re talking about: an hour, two hours, a whole day. Your time should remain yours. Remember the instruction on aeroplanes: take care of yourself first so you can take care of others.


The habit of not finishing what has been started is familiar to many women, they often wonder, “I wonder when I will be able to find time for this again? Will I even be able to?” The ability to keep going, to bring “labour” to its natural conclusion, is another gift to a woman that is always with her.

Yes, the cyclical nature of the processes affecting a woman was, is and remains, but let it be nothing more than a natural cycle. Activity is replaced by relaxation, relaxation turns to slowing down, focusing and then back to activity again. Whatever phase you are in, continue to be real, alive, manifested in everything that is close to you, in which you express yourself.

Keep a balance between what you should and what you are passionate about

Get rid of soul hunger, the state that our grandmothers expressed with the comparison “untethered, squealing”. Soul hunger comes when a woman stops expressing her real self. The transience of the days masks this hunger until that very squeal of desire to breathe in her native, unique air of freedom of manifestation. Let each day have food for your soul and your inner woman. Keep a balance between what you should and what you are passionate about. Breaking this balance is fraught with a hunger that will rob you of desire and strength.


A woman makes a stockpile without giving herself credit for it. However, this does not prevent her from stocking up just in case, to be, will come in handy. Stock up on time, freedom, passion and belonging. These four components will protect you from yourself drifting away from your desires.