Happiness: 5 rules you don’t know about

The more persistently we chase happiness, the less chance we have of finding it. That’s the conclusion a happiness expert has drawn from his research. And here’s what he suggests in return. Many studies show: the key to happiness is a clear understanding of your goals. From childhood, we are taught that we should set […]

Everything for yourself, nothing for others: why selfishness is actually useful

How many times throughout our lives have we heard the phrase, “What a selfish person!” And it sounds distinctly disapproving. So what’s wrong with putting yourself first? And is selfishness really such a bad quality to get rid of? An altruist is a person who cares about other people and is always ready to help […]

10 quotes from modern psychologists about happiness and its secrets

In honour of the International Day of Happiness, we studied books and interviews of popular today’s experts – Alfried Langlais, Igor Kon, Lyudmila Petranovskaya, Mikhail Labkovsky, Alexander Shakhov – to find the key to real happiness. Every day many of us wonder: are they happy? If yes, what is this feeling? And if not, what […]

What your social network profile is hiding: 8 types of users

Today, to get to know a person better, it is enough to study their social networks. When making a new acquaintance, the first thing we do is find his or her profiles and scrutinise the information: photos, common acquaintances, subscriptions. The account is our gift wrapping, an improved version, shown in the most favourable angle. […]

What is eldest daughter syndrome and what are its dangers?

Older and younger children grow up in different ways – and their lives are subsequently formed largely in accordance with the habits that they acquired in childhood. Psychologists believe that older daughters “get it” the most. First-born children, of course, come in many forms. One appears in a family when both parents are young and […]

Where to look for self-esteem: a guide from a psychologist

Many people unconsciously judge themselves for every slightest blunder, thereby destroying their emotional balance and self-esteem. A psychologist tells us why the tendency to a permanent sense of guilt and criticism develops. THE INNER CRITIC: WHERE DOES IT COME FROM…. The root cause of self-esteem problems is a childhood surrounded by critical relatives. From a […]

How you doom yourself to eternal loneliness: 10 factors

If you dream of finding your “other half”, but have been alone for many years, it may seem that this is your destiny. However, most likely, the matter is not in fate, but in your actions, outlook on life or psychological attitudes. 1. DEPTH OF YOUR SOUL YOU DON’T WANT A RELATIONSHIP In fact, you […]

How to figure out what makes you happy: 4 simple steps

There doesn’t seem to be much room for joy in adulthood. But is that really the case? Could it be that we just stop realising what it is that brings us pleasure? This article from a CPT therapist will help you figure it out. DOES GROWING UP KILL PLEASURE? Do you remember how easy it […]

Extreme frankness: why some people turn their lives into a TV series

Almost all of us have met someone who is willing to talk about their life with excessive openness. What lies behind the need to open all the doors of private life to others and how can it be fraught for the storyteller? When we see reality TV characters on the screen or read unusually frank […]