Candy-bouquet loneliness: how to properly care for… yourself

Am I in love with myself? How long have I been telling myself this? And how often do I let myself know it through my actions? It is unlikely that you ask yourself these questions often. Meanwhile, they are the key to a happy life, our expert is sure. Speaking about the candy-bouquet period, we […]

Dopamine fashion: why the pleasure of buying things disappears so quickly

What role does dopamine play in the love of shopping? Why has the evolutionary dopamine system become harmful to humans in modern times? And how have we, having invented new types of pleasure, trapped ourselves? Katerina Mikhaleva-Eger, PhD in Sociology, discusses this and the phenomenon of fashion in general in her book “350 Years of […]

How to cope with information overload

When was the last time you experienced information hunger? Unless you travel to parts of the world where civilisation has not yet reached, or go camping, you have probably forgotten what it is like. But you are almost certainly familiar with the feeling of information overload. This condition is fraught with nervous exhaustion, reduced efficiency […]

You don’t need drive – you need patience

We all know what sets successful people apart from the rest: they believe passionately in their dreams, work hard and energetically, and don’t give up in the face of difficulties. But there is another quality that we tend to forget about – patience. No matter how much drive we have in us, if we lack […]

How to learn a foreign language if you have no time at all

“I really want to learn English, but where can I find the time to do it?”, “I would love to – if I had the ability”, “Of course, the language is very necessary, but courses are not cheap…”. Coach Oksana Kravets tells us where to find time to study a foreign language and how to […]

Four techniques to cope with loneliness

We often avoid loneliness because it is associated with negative emotions. But rather than fighting this feeling, is it possible to embrace it? And how can this acceptance help us? When you feel lonely, sometimes you want to lie on the sofa and watch TV – that’s normal. But if this goes on indefinitely, the […]

Modesty is not a virtue?

¬†Since Soviet times, we have been taught that a person should behave with restraint, not shout about his or her virtues and, if possible, blend in with the crowd as much as possible. But is modesty really a virtue and not a vice? Columnist Elena Kolesnikova discusses the side effects of modest behaviour. What is […]

5 practical ways to make an informed decision

Do you tend to endlessly weigh the pros and cons of trying to make a choice? Try drawing a problem or taking a leap in time and talking to yourself in the future. Or draw a “Descartes square.” We’re sure one of these methods will definitely work. We have to make decisions every day. But […]

7 magic ingredients to keep a woman in you

In trying to squeeze a hundred things into a daily schedule, women forget about themselves and their needs. They substitute real desires with generally accepted criteria of happiness and success. Psychologist Natalia Luchnikova believes that one should listen to oneself, feed on useful energy and express one’s true self. Fulfilment Learn, improve your ability to […]

How to give yourself confidence in less than 5 minutes

Sometimes all it takes is one word to shatter our self-confidence. After such a thing, it’s hard to pull yourself together and move forward. How can you regain your confidence in just a few minutes? Life is a ride of ups and downs. If we live our lives at high speed, they change each other […]