What’s important to remember if you are a narcissist: 5 basic truths

Don’t worry, having narcissistic personality traits doesn’t mean you’re a bad person at all yet. Narcissism has been much talked about in the last few years, and as a result, many people find similar qualities in their character and get frustrated. You bet – narcissists are usually portrayed as selfish, narcissistic, callous, convinced of their […]

If you’ve been rejected: 7 tips for getting over it

The fear of being rejected in people with insecure attachment styles can be really strong. But it’s one thing to worry about the future, and quite another to experience a real breakup with a loved one that didn’t happen on your own initiative. Rejection is part of our lives. Michelle Maidenberg, an adjunct professor in […]

15 ways to deal with anger

You’ve been cut off on the road, a colleague didn’t say hello, your husband left dirty laundry on the bedroom floor – there are plenty of reasons for anger. How to behave in these moments, so that it does not destroy you and your life? PROBLEM Sometimes we think that feeling anger is a bad […]

When abandonment trauma occurs: 5 major factors

One keeps getting partners who leave after a while. Another lives with an unfaithful spouse whose cheating (for some reason) has to be looked past. A third can’t stop cutting the wires of an ex. What do these people have in common? Most likely, the trauma of abandonment. Where does it come from and how […]

How to realise that you are the toxic person everyone avoids: 12 signs

Today a lot is written and talked about how to recognise a toxic person – someone who speaks negatively about everything, interferes in the lives of others, poisoning it, devaluing the words and actions of others. But how do you realise that such a person is yourself? HOW TO UNDERSTAND They say that other people’s […]

“Must” or “want”: how to make the right choice between duty and desire

Each of us periodically faces the need to choose between desires (“want”) and obligations (“must”). How to make the right decision? Finding a compromise between desire and duty is a common request for psychotherapy. Many clients want to find motivation, turn their “shoulds” into “wants”, increase productivity and stop procrastinating. Others, on the contrary, are […]

How to fix your self-esteem to stay healthy: 7 steps

The way we feel about ourselves affects how we feel about ourselves. Self-deprecation, excessive self-criticism can lead to depression, nervous disorders and even physical illness. Check: are you doing for yourself what you would do for your best friend? We all deserve to be treated with understanding and respect. This is what we expect from […]

Adaptive intelligence: how the ability to retrain saves us

The world is changing at an incredible rate and technology is advancing faster than ever before. In such a dynamic environment, it is important to be prepared to continuously learn and re-learn. Why and how to adapt to constant change and still feel comfortable – let’s talk to an expert. WHAT IS ADAPTIVE INTELLIGENCE? Adaptability […]