A choleric is definitely a temperament that cannot be ignored. He likes to convince others that he is right and loves to lead groups of people. Find out what his other characteristics are or how he functions at work or in relationships. A choleric should be primarily associated with one word: dominance. He loves power and is a leader at home, as well as at social gatherings or in the workplace.

Cholerics always strive to achieve their goals while seeking new heights to conquer. Laziness is a word that is certainly foreign to them. They definitely don’t like stagnation. They feel best when their life is in full swing and new tasks are constantly appearing before them. They are not afraid of change or challenges – as a person deeply convinced of their own worth, they have no fears about handling demanding challenges.


A choleric person brings many advantages in many aspects of life, but in some, he becomes quite problematic. The choleric person relatively often speaks first and then thinks.

This can lead to various conflicts, and it is caused by the fact that people with this temperament are very emotional. They experience various emotions very intensely, and when a choleric person feels anger, different problems can arise.

One of the characteristics that can be considered a flaw of a choleric person is their impulsiveness and tendency to get angry. It is not difficult to upset a person with this temperament – it is enough to disagree with their opinions or not act as the choleric person expected.

During a fit of anger, it is unlikely that a choleric person will be able to control the emotions they are experiencing – they may say words that they will later regret. After calming down, a choleric person usually realizes that they definitely went too far – but it is difficult to count on their apology.

Another characteristic of choleric temperament is associated with a sense of pride and self-confidence – a strong reaction to criticism. They cannot stand being wrong and find it hard to tolerate failure.


Theoretically, it may be difficult to consider a boss who has a tendency to get angry as a perfect boss. However, the truth is that a choleric person is perfect for managerial positions. Their attitude usually commands respect from their superiors, and they can perfectly divide work among team members so that the resulting project is almost perfectly successful. It is also necessary to emphasize that a choleric person does not tend to transfer their duties to others – yes, they have high expectations of their employees, but at the same time, they demand a lot from themselves and do not shy away from their work. The ideal place for them to work is where they will be constantly in contact with new tasks. For this reason, a choleric person will be a good manager in an advertising agency, but they are most likely to successfully manage the activities of the business or marketing department in a company.

                                               Choleric doesn’t like stereotypes

Monotonous work, consisting of constantly performing the same tasks (such as unloading goods or entering data into tables), will definitely not be suitable for a choleric person. Monotony quickly leads to feelings of burnout and frustration.


If you also identify with the definition of a choleric person, the good news is that you do not have to be overwhelmed by outbursts of anger and emotions. They usually do more harm than good. We have some tips for you that will help you:

Each of us has been given a different temperament. A choleric person can be a good boss who can lead the entire team. It is important to learn how to focus your attention in the right direction, keep your emotions in check, and everything will be fine. If you feel that your emotions are getting out of hand, seek professional help.