I don’t know exactly why, but I like changes and often seek them out. However, humans often have a tendency to succumb to stereotypes, to get used to established routines, the monotony of everyday life, and simply not expect more. But we know that if a person is closed up in the same space for a long time without ventilation or change of air, they will get sick! And how many people are sick in this way? By this illness, I mean we all suffer to some extent, some more, some less. First of all, I admire those who can defeat it after its first symptoms. And what about the rest of us who don’t have access to these “antibiotics”? We self-treat, take medicines that are at hand… and which only effectively relieve pain but do not cure it. And maybe in the end, we will find ourselves in the company of various addictions. When the soul suffers, the body suffers. And by healing the body, we do not heal the soul.

Getting off the running train

I recently succumbed to all the symptoms and found myself in the middle of chaos, where it was difficult to find peace for my soul. Then I got an offer that sounded crazy at first, to go somewhere alone for a few days just to relax. I didn’t hesitate, who would refuse rest after long days of exhausting work?! It is hard to live easily, but it is not difficult to understand life as long as you allow it to explain it to you. Allowing yourself time alone is like inviting yourself on a date that convinces you that you want a repeat. There are people who are afraid to be alone with themselves, but I guarantee you that if you cannot stand yourself, you cannot honestly look at the person in front of you. If you despise yourself, who will believe you when you tell them you love them? Let’s not lie to ourselves, stop, and take care of ourselves, nothing will be lost by doing so. Let’s ventilate our minds and exchange the air for our thoughts.

Everyone has time

How many could object now that there is no time and there is perhaps the most common excuse today? I’ll reveal a secret to you, we will never have more time because we have all the time that exists. At the same time, nothing will ever be repeated because unfortunately, we cannot travel through time. But how we handle time is more or less up to each of us. It would be appropriate to mention here the art of saying yes and knowing how to say no, but that’s a different story. Simply stop believing the lie that taking time for yourself is a waste of time. Rather, let’s use the paradox that what we invest in will come back to us with interest. Let’s not be afraid that we will become arrogant if we occasionally think of ourselves. Of course, in this case, it also applies that too much of anything is harmful, but common sense is enough for that.

The right perspective

While painting, the artist should step back from the picture, otherwise they risk capturing the perspective incorrectly. It’s no different in life – distance and perspective allow us to see more and better understand things, circumstances, and events. Each of us is a bit of an artist because we create our lives every day. But it’s also important to take moments to stop and evaluate what has been done so far and perhaps adjust and liven up the palette a bit. It can be a time when we discover that there are many more colors within us that have yet to be used. Let’s surprise life by allowing it to surprise us, in the best sense of the word.

From wanting to doing

If we are good to ourselves, we will feel good, and that will be the change that brings goodness to the world. So, let’s make time for ourselves in our busy schedules, invite ourselves to coffee, to nature, or just to sit in a chair and not pick up our phone, remote control, or tabloids. Instead, let’s try to imagine the canvas of our lives in front of us… and here I could stop and eagerly await what will follow. Even God rested on the seventh day, so what is man that he should resist it? We don’t have to wait only for “Sunday” or summer vacation – maybe it was time for a break yesterday, but it’s never too late to start anew.