Which emotion burns us besides passion?

It’s so beautiful, so radiant, it flows through our entire body… But we’re not here to talk about romantic relationships and sex. There’s something completely different… It’s ENVY!

Living with this feeling can be very, very difficult… It sometimes robs us of our common sense and in the worst case, our friends. It can be something very dark, depressing, and it can consume us. And it’s very, very hard to admit this feeling to ourselves, let alone to someone else. We would be admitting that we are weak, that we can be controlled by someone else who probably doesn’t even know about it… And yes, with bitter saliva, we admit that it’s the people we smile at every day, with whom we go for a drink on Friday night… We think – they’re the ones who have been granted more by fate than we have. Quietly, we grind our teeth, we feel something in our throat that doesn’t allow us to breathe properly, our heart races…

But let’s take a closer look at this depressing emotion. You’ll probably agree with me when I say that envy can be a bit of a good quality. Yes, it can be. It can push us forward in leaps and bounds. Of course, it depends on each person, on their personality. Every day we meet people about whom we certainly have the mistaken idea that their success fell into their lap from heaven… from successful and wealthy parents… I don’t know…

I see a colleague who came in again in beautiful clothes… and that figure… It’s suffocating me, that’s envy. But I’m not a complete jerk, I can control my emotions outwardly, so I’ll compliment her. She’ll thank me, and I find out, by the way, for the umpteenth time, that she goes to the gym four times a week in the morning. Great!!! I would too… but… But? There’s no but. I can. It’s just that… I really, really don’t want to. I can motivate myself, yes, but only to run to the nearest grocery store to buy some amazing big rolls, still warm, yes, two of them, of course, white with the most amazing Slovakian cheese spread…

Moving on… Men’s envy.

They try. Sometimes really beyond their abilities. Then a colleague, neighbor, friend… shows up with a new beautiful car. No, they didn’t win the lottery. They just worked hard for a few years. They busted their butt at work, took a course in some language, from Swahili to today’s already ordinary English, which everyone, of course, except me, knows as a high school graduate… And last but not least, they were brave. They quit their previous job, sent out resumes to x number of companies, went on interviews, where they today almost ask us about every kind of intimacy, look at our Facebook, Instagram profiles… And yes, someone also succeeds…

But we overlook it. Or rather, we don’t want to see it. We only see the fancy summer and of course winter vacations, the new car… the replaced inflatable pool with a beautiful ceramic one.

And it’s going to mess us up.

And now the question arises – Who are we harming with this?

Of course, ourselves. Only and only ourselves! Let’s be honest – we all surely have someone we love very much in our vicinity. Or we should love them very much… Maybe we used to love them very much in the past… But fate arranged things a little differently and that person is suddenly ahead of us in something. We’re ashamed to admit how poor we actually are, that we mainly look at material things, or how someone looks!!! Because that’s not what life is about!!! But we know it. We all know it. In fact, we all feel it.

Let’s learn to control ourselves more. Let’s praise someone who is a little /or maybe even more/ skilled than us. Let’s realize that even in such praise, we can show our greatness, not envy. We’ll surely be happier. It doesn’t matter that we have a little cellulite on our thighs. Or with clothes from three years ago. Or with a small older car in the yard.

Suddenly we realize how good it is to surround ourselves with such people. We love them. They are our great inspiration. And if they are not completely insensitive and arrogant, let’s acknowledge their success. You’ll see that it will be easier to fall asleep then. And especially with the thought that we have people around us who may be elsewhere, but love us. And we love them too. And that’s the most important thing.



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