Extrovert is one of the personality types that was first defined in the research of Carl Gustav Jung. The Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist believed that extroverts are people whose attention and activity are primarily focused on the external world. This also implied their easy communication with other people and high adaptability. Later, Jung’s research was deepened by other psychologists.

The traits of this personality are associated with a desire to be among people. It is difficult for them to function alone. Interaction with the environment, activities, and ideas of other people strongly stimulates them to take their own initiative. An extrovert functions somewhat like an open book: it is not difficult to guess what they think about a given topic, as they have a strong desire to share their perceptions and thoughts. The extroverted way of expression is also characteristic: fast, loud, often deviating from the main plot.

Extroverts are often leaders in a group and quickly make new friends. This type of personality has many advantages, such as spontaneity, optimism, and sociability. However, they are not without flaws.

Extroverts often have trouble listening to other people. They themselves like to talk a lot and eagerly share their observations, expressing themselves without difficulty. However, if they have to be on the receiving end, it can be a big problem for them. They are not always able to control their behavior, especially in sudden and nervous situations, when they may fall into hysteria or fits of anger. They can sometimes be influenced by states of exhaustion or low moods caused by the many things they have committed to. Research also shows that midlife crises affect extroverted men much more often than introverted men.

Extroverts in relationships

An extrovert is a person who enjoys being in a group of people, so they should choose a partner who shares a similar philosophy or at least someone who will not be disturbed by it. When entering into a relationship with an extrovert, you must be prepared for the fact that they will not want to spend a lot of time alone as a couple.

How to love an extrovert? Is it possible to have a successful relationship with someone who is more introverted? Of course, yes. Psychologists emphasize that in the case of opposite personality types, it is essential for partners to give each other space. Introverts do not always enjoy spending time with friends, so it is crucial for each partner to function partly in their own world, to have their own friends and favorite activities. You don’t always have to go out with friends together. On the other hand, it is very useful to find activities that will please both of you.


Work for an extrovert

An extrovert starting their professional career usually has many ideas for their future work. They will feel very comfortable among people. The best tip for an extrovert is to work as a journalist, press spokesperson, or salesperson. If they develop the ability to actively listen and open up to the needs of others, they can use their potential as a client or financial advisor. They will also be a good guide, trainer, or business manager. Extroverts succeed in leadership positions because they dominate the crowd. As leaders, they make decisions quickly and win people over.