The ability to fall in love and being in love is one of the most beautiful states in human life. It makes the world seem more beautiful and people kinder. But what is the feeling of being in love really like? How do we know when Cupid’s arrow has struck us? And most importantly, do we have any control over who we fall in love with?

In reality, we have no control over when and whom we fall in love with. There are too many factors that are beyond our reach, such as the subconscious, taste, character, or even biological conditions. Some psychologists claim that we fall in love with people similar to our parents, while others believe that there is harmony in character, similar life experiences, and even scent. What is it really like to be in love?


It is difficult to clearly define what love is. The state of being in love is beautiful. When we experience it, it is as if our entire perception of the world around us has changed. Each of us has surely been in love at least once.


The physical symptoms of infatuation are mainly:

As you can see, there are moments when our body language can tell us more than words. Our body sends us discreet signals that tell us that the feeling of infatuation has appeared in our lives.

As for the psychological symptoms of infatuation, they include:


We cannot command our hearts to fall in love. Often, the more we try to fall in love, the harder it is to meet the right person. When we stop trying, the feeling of infatuation comes to us on its own. If we want to fall in love, the only thing we can do is try to keep an open mind and take care of a positive relationship with the world. People who smile a lot and have a positive attitude towards life are more likely to attract the attention of others.


As we have mentioned, unfortunately, we often have no influence on whether we fall in love or not. The truth is that if we do not need to fall in love in our lives, we may start to miss it over time. But is it worth turning off this feeling? Remember that infatuation has a positive impact not only on our psyche but also on our health. Science has long proven that people in love are often less sick, have more energy, and a much greater desire to live. Let us not think “how not to fall in love,” but “how to fall in love with the right person,” and the world will become a much more beautiful place for us.