Sleep is very important, but what we dream at night is also important. What does it mean when we dream about falling, running away, or losing our teeth? We have selected the most popular interpretations of dreams that are worth knowing.

Sleep is an important part of our lives. Our comfort and performance largely depend on our sleep. Many of us have problems with quality sleep and are not even aware of it. What does it mean? Common causes of insomnia are stress, as well as diet and lifestyle. Even seemingly trivial things, such as a well-ventilated bedroom, mattress, or pillow, are included.

Meaning of dreams

What bothers you so much and perhaps even more than the quality of your sleep is what you dream about. Not everyone believes in a dream book, but often these are very realistic images from your life. What you are currently experiencing, what is bothering you or what you are looking forward to. Your relatives, family, and friends often appear in your dreams. It even happens that idols or movie actors you watched before going to bed appear. Why is this so? It’s because of the images stored in your memory. Of course, there are also dreams that are difficult to interpret specifically. However, there are several examples of dreams that often haunt you.

Meaning of the dream: teeth falling out

You have certainly heard that dreaming of losing teeth is not a good sign. Yes, it is. If you have such a dream, it can be characterized as a reflection of our fears that we are afraid to make a decision that may also affect your loved ones. Losing teeth can also portend death, illness, or worsening of mental health among relatives and friends.

Meaning of the dream: being pursued

Being pursued in sleep is similar to losing teeth. Such stories come very often. But do you know what they mean? When someone is chasing you in your dream – the circumstances can of course be different, and it can be a person, an animal or a car – it means that you are afraid of something. You are delaying taking any steps or decisions. This can mean conflict with your partner, boss or parents.

Meaning of the dream: falling

Usually, such a dream means anxiety. If you are having trouble with your significant other in a relationship and you dream that you are falling, it means you are afraid of a breakup. Is work not going well for you? Dreaming of falling can also mean fear of losing your job. Interestingly, most often in such dreams, we wake up just before falling. It means nothing else but your helplessness.

Meaning of the dream: Missing an important event

Dreams in which you are running late for a very important event are often dreamed by people who may also be likely to experience these situations in reality. They arise precisely because they have a lot on their minds, their obligations often overwhelm them, causing them to lose control over certain activities. People who dream of missing an important event, such as a wedding or an exam, are too tense and cannot relax. Does this sound familiar to you? It means you need to relax!