Phlegmatics are often considered by many people as uninteresting, even boring individuals. Life with a phlegmatic may not always be ideal, especially because of their difficulty in making decisions or their infrequent display of emotions. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of a phlegmatic, read about the challenges that may arise in a relationship with a phlegmatic, and find out what kind of work a phlegmatic is best suited for.

Phlegmatic: Advantages and Disadvantages

One word that best suits a phlegmatic is stability. Individuals with this temperament are unlikely to go bungee jumping or decide on a spontaneous trip planned a few minutes earlier. Phlegmatics enjoy peace and routine – when they can perform their daily rituals in the order they have set for themselves.

Another important area to discuss when it comes to phlegmatics is emotions. People with this temperament are said to be emotionally balanced – sometimes phlegmatics are even considered emotionally cold individuals. This is because phlegmatics rarely reveal what they feel – they hide their emotions and only occasionally let them out.

On the one hand, this is beneficial because it allows a phlegmatic to maintain composure even in difficult situations. On the other hand, hiding emotions can lead to various problems when dealing with other people. How we react to others largely depends on the emotions we encounter in others.

Phlegmatics usually do everything very slowly and calmly. In some situations, such as crises, maintaining calmness can be beneficial, but in others, phlegmatic traits may be considered their disadvantages. Phlegmatics have great difficulty making decisions and often postpone some of their responsibilities indefinitely.

Another characteristic of phlegmatics is their ability to listen very well. It is worth confiding in a phlegmatic because you can rely on them to listen patiently and show empathy.

Phlegmatic in Relationships

A phlegmatic can be a really good life partner – patient, avoids arguments, and shows empathy. They are always ready to listen to their loved ones and advise them. On the other hand, it may be difficult to expect them to suggest a weekend trip or a spontaneous night out. A relationship with a phlegmatic will be most advantageous for someone who does not require constant entertainment from life.

Phlegmatic at work

There are several professions in which a phlegmatic will feel perfectly comfortable. They would make a good accountant, administrative worker, or cashier, and are best suited for tasks that are assigned to them. Jobs for phlegmatics should be manageable without hurry or pressure. Yes, a phlegmatic can handle the pressure from their superiors, but they usually perform their duties slowly, so a profession requiring very fast steps and high efficiency would not be suitable for them.

People with this temperament like peace and quiet in their home, so performing a profession that would require frequent travel would not bring them satisfaction. Phlegmatics like peace and rarely engage in tasks that would put them in the center of other people’s attention.

Although they perform their duties very well, they prefer to stay in the shadows and do not need words of recognition. For these reasons, it is unlikely that a phlegmatic would find a place in professions such as journalist, actor, or TV presenter.