Recurring dreams can take various forms. Sometimes, only the theme of the recurring dream is common. Where does this phenomenon come from? Could a recurring dream have a hidden message?

Dreams still hold many mysteries. There are several theories pointing to their role, but scientists’ knowledge on this topic still does not allow us to provide a 100% certain answer to the question of their importance. Recurring dreams are particularly fascinating. Some people dream the same dream for a long time, while others experience slightly different dreams, but always with the same theme.

Recurring dreams can be a message from our subconscious. They may warn the dreamer about mistakes they make during waking life or may indicate what has great importance for us in a particular period of life. The analysis of the message behind the recurring dream should be based on the specific theme of the dream. However, scientists of this phenomenon believe that a recurring dream almost always warns us about something. According to another theory, this phenomenon is a result of an imbalance in life and means that the dreamer focuses too much attention on one area while neglecting other areas that play a crucial role. According to this thesis, a recurring dream signals that it is high time to reconsider certain matters.

Statistical data show that only 15% of people who experience recurring dreams notice it in adulthood. Scientists do not doubt that the most important dreams are those that match each other in even the smallest details. They usually relate to a specific event in the dreamer’s life, which is its metaphorical reflection. However, sometimes the reason for their occurrence is different. The most common reasons include anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Recurring dreams can take on various forms and themes. The most common themes include:

Recurring dream about home – If a dreamer sees a family home in their dream, it may symbolize a desire for carefree living or for family. However, if the dreamer destroys the home in their dreams, their subconscious may be indicating that they need to reassess their life; otherwise, everything they have achieved may be wasted.

Recurring dream about a falling airplane – An airplane crash seems like an exceptionally hostile sign. The dreamer indicates that such a dream is not very successful. It may mean that the dreamer’s life situation will worsen, and they will only be passive observers of the changes taking place. The fact that such a dream occurs frequently may suggest that the dreamer is aware of their situation and is afraid of what is to come.

Recurring dream about an elevator – An elevator seen in a dream symbolizes a complex situation in which the dreamer finds themselves. This usually pertains to the emotional sphere. It may mean that when dreaming this dream, our subconscious is letting us know that we are concerned about the future of our relationship. Other interpretations of this motif suggest complications in professional and financial matters.