Over the past decade or so, there has been a liberalization of social life, new moral phenomena have emerged, and with them come threats to individuals and interpersonal relationships.

In today’s fast-paced world, we certainly pay more attention to our own needs – we all want to live a comfortable life. We less often accept mediocrity (unless our life situation forces us to do so) and when looking for optimal solutions, we often make bold decisions. Marriages are not immune to crisis either. What are the secrets of a happy marriage?

Toto je 5 tajomstiev šťastného manželstva: Stačí sa nimi riadiť a uvidíte pozitívne zmeny

Cultivate Love

It may seem trivial, but as scientists assure us, showing affection through small gestures and actions has a huge impact on the feeling of happiness. It is very important to pay attention to each other every day. Care and attention are important, but let’s not forget about a kiss or a hug. These simple, heartfelt gestures create an atmosphere of warmth and closeness. Less important are small pleasures or kindnesses, such as making coffee, covering with a blanket, or cooking favorite food.

Take Care of Dialogue

Talk often and openly about things that are big or small, important or seemingly insignificant. Let yourself be carried away by plans, dreams, and memories. Talk when you feel good, but also when something happens – when one of you has a problem or something is bothering you. Remember that most men are not good at expressing their emotions and feelings.

Have Your Rituals and Traditions

Every successful relationship has its secrets, gestures, or vocabulary. Even a sense of humor has its specificity. Enjoy it and have fun with it! It is definitely worth valuing your shared traditions and rituals – pancakes for Sunday breakfast, a kiss goodnight, watching movies together, or the rule of not falling asleep if there are any unresolved problems.

Respect Each Other

A good relationship is not one where there are no arguments, but where there is always at least one reason. If a couple loves each other and cares for each other, they will survive every crisis, and they will not solve arguments as an opportunity to vent negative emotions on their partner, but as an exchange of opinions. Do not hurt each other. Acknowledge your mistakes and do not be afraid to apologize.

You and Him – above all, but…give yourself a break

Spouses should always treat each other with love and respect. It is not worth getting carried away by workaholism. In the hierarchy of values and life priorities, marriage should come first, not professional success, friends, or hobbies. It is important that even though you feel like two halves of one apple, you are not it. Each of you should have your own life space – passions, interests, and problems. It enriches the person and the relationship.