What can we do to bring peace and harmony into our lives? These rituals will help you calm down – they are truly effective!

Let’s be honest, the reality that surrounds us can be very stressful – domestic and work responsibilities, constant hustle and bustle, and on top of that, a pandemic. How to stay calm in such situations? We have proven tips to help you soothe your troubled nerves. We’ll also reveal how to start your meditation adventure and what its benefits are.

Hot bath with essential oils

A long bath with essential oils is a great and effective way to relax. In this case, the atmosphere is very important. Don’t turn on the light, light a few candles that will add charm to your bathroom, and their warm light will have a calming effect on you. Then add a few drops of the appropriate essential oil. Which one is best to choose? Each essential oil has different properties. During a relaxing bath, it’s best to choose: lavender oil, which calms down, bergamot oil – excellent for reducing tension and stress, or mandarin oil, which helps relieve anxiety.

Face massage

Recently, there has been more and more talk about the beneficial properties of regular face massage. Characteristic movements not only emphasize our cheekbones but also allow you to relax in a very short time. It’s worth noting that you can do a facial massage on your own or with the help of professional masseurs. The absolute hit in the beauty market is a stone roller that cools, reduces facial swelling, improves blood circulation, and allows you to relax. Massaging with such a roller takes about a minute.

Meditation – how to start?

Meditation is also extremely effective. First, consider what distracts you and get rid of these items at least during meditation. To start meditating, you don’t need any specialized equipment – you only need an exercise mat, chair, or stool to sit comfortably on. Once you find a suitable place and feel comfortable, close your eyes, and then focus on your breathing. There is no specific guide on “how to meditate” – it is a very individual and even personal matter. However, don’t think about what you might be doing wrong. How long should daily meditation last? Start with a few minutes, say two to five. After a week of daily practice, add another two minutes, and so on. You will see that after a few days, you will feel amazing peace.

What else is worth knowing about meditation? In addition to reducing tension, inner anxiety, and stress, meditation gives us energy and slows down heart rate. Additionally, meditation helps fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Is it good?