University is often considered a time of freedom and fun. There is some truth to that. Students are faced with a new environment (often moving from home to a different city) and a different way of learning than in high school. Various difficulties can cause young people to withdraw and even fall into depression instead of enjoying their studies.

Nearly Half of College Students Report Being Depressed or Anxious

It can happen to anyone…

We emphasize this in almost every article about depression. It starts getting difficult day by day, but they are just small things, so we ignore them – too much studying, a depressing job, or a breakup with a partner. Small things may not seem very important. Eventually, the sadness will finally pass and after the semester, there will finally be time to relax.

So we are talented students, hardworking employees and we treat everything that bothers us as a temporary migraine. We tell ourselves that it will eventually pass. And so another day, week, month goes by. In this state, we can function for a long time and thus hide problems under the carpet. Many people do this, but problems do not disappear and it becomes increasingly difficult.

Student Problems

Many university students suffer from anxiety and depressive disorders. This is mainly because for many of them, it is the first time they have to function on their own without their parents. It is important to emphasize that what is normal for some can be a cause of great stress for others. Everything depends on how we were raised and what difficulties we have had to face so far.

Some psychologists who study the mental states of students note that many young people often cross the threshold of university or college at a time when they are not yet emotionally mature.

A Special Time in Your Life

A lot of psychotherapists and psychologists perceive the time of studying as one of the most important, independent events in life – a time in which great changes parallel changes in the external environment happen to a person. We leave our friends, family, teachers – we lose the certainty that we have felt for many years.

Changes are often unpleasant and almost always difficult. That is why we often doubt ourselves and are not sure about ourselves. At the end of the studies, you may also have concerns about the future. Students who are most prone to depression are those who have unrealistic goals and no backup plan in case of failure. Difficulties can also arise when transitioning from student obligations to professional reality, in coping with difficulties in acquiring a position.

The academic year is about to begin, bringing with it many challenges for those who will have to face the reality of university education for the first time, as well as for those who continue or complete their adventure with regular education. Remember that if you feel the need to share your problems, there are people around you who will be happy to help you and listen to you.