Many of us feel anxious in times of unrest. You may not always be able to manage it on your own, but you can try. Dr. Olivia Remes, an anxiety and depression specialist at the University of Cambridge, recommends strategies that can help us regain control.

We live in a hurried world and many of us experience anxiety that disrupts our daily lives. It can cause us difficulties sleeping or stress. Sometimes the sound of footsteps on the stairs or an unexpected noise triggers fear. These can be symptoms of anxiety and it’s important to learn how to recognize them.

There are techniques for managing anxiety and stress. The good news is that some of them can be developed on our own. At the University of Cambridge, we conducted a study in which we followed people who were going through difficult periods under challenging circumstances. Some suffered from high levels of anxiety while others had no mental health problems under the same circumstances.

If we look at crises and world disasters, we see that when faced with difficult realities, some people maintain a calm way of thinking while others struggle to survive. What makes these groups different? There are scientifically proven ways to take control of our mental state and changing situations. We can learn them and try to use them.


When you think about situations that cause anxiety or fear, your mental health suffers. So instead, do something you like. This will give your thoughts a new focus and help you calm down.

Maybe there’s a story you’ve always wanted to tell? Or an online course you wanted to take? Now is the right time. We’re all busy now and juggling work and family life more intensely than ever before, so finding time for something nice sounds like a sinful pleasure. Forget the guilt. It’s really important to be kind to yourself.


Sometimes we think that life without responsibilities and challenges would be amazing. But that’s not true.

Consider if there’s a constructive goal you could pursue. You only have to dedicate half an hour a day to it, as long as you’re consistent. This way, you’ll likely achieve your goal and feel satisfied. It’s very important because when you’re content with yourself, you’ll start to be happier and feel like you can change your life by taking action.


Sometimes it seems like things have spiraled out of control and we don’t know which way to turn. We may be drowning in tasks that we have to complete. In times of chaos and anxiety, meditation can be helpful. It can become our oasis of peace.

As your thoughts begin to calm down, you will feel more in control and ready to face challenges. My research has shown that it has a huge impact on reducing anxiety levels and improving mental well-being.