How can you tell if the friendship you’re in is fake? Here are some signals that should make you think twice.

Friendship is one of the most important values in life. We cultivate relationships that are important to us and take care of those who matter to us. Friendship sometimes requires sacrifice, giving up plans and helping others. There is no single definition of true and sincere friendship because it is a very complex issue. How do you find out if your friends have impure motives and are fake? Here are some signals that will help you think about it.

They don’t enjoy your successes

The saying about becoming a true friend in poverty is the most accurate, but the ability to support and enjoy the successes of others is also an art. If you have a friend who rejoices in your successes without a hint of jealousy, then hold onto them and take care of them.

They can evaluate your behavior

Don’t confuse this with constructive criticism. For some people, it is easy to judge others, which can signal that they are not really your friends because there is no judgment in a sincere relationship. Instead, there should be support and wise advice.

They talk a lot about themselves

Either they are selfish and lack empathy, or they are not interested in what you are saying on average. Not being interested in talking to them about your experiences or constantly talking about themselves is not beneficial for creating a bond.

They always don’t have time for you

It’s not about seeing each other every day. True friendship lasts even when you’re apart and can be sincere when you meet only once every six months, but even under such harsh conditions, you must be confident that you can turn to them when you’re in need. If you feel disrespectful, the relationship is meaningless, and it is definitely not friendship.

In conclusion, friendship is a very individual and delicate matter, and what turns out to be a fake friendship for someone will not be important for others. It’s worth trusting your intuition.