Knowledge of one’s native language and communication skills or abilities are certainly essential ingredients for our functioning. Let’s first take a look at the issue as we encounter it in school desks.

Prečo sa oplatí trénovať komunikačné schopnosti a zručnosti

Theory and Practice

Even when I was in school, I often wondered why we had to learn sentence analysis in Slovak language class. I didn’t understand how it could be useful to me in life. Honestly, even today, I don’t really understand it. It seemed like a waste of time to me.

As I grew up, I gradually realized that language as such has its hidden aspects that are completely removed from sentence analysis. Communication skills or abilities in communication and their results reflected in interpersonal relationships have greatly interested me. This literally magical aspect of language has captivated me so much that I still dedicate myself to it today. Over time, I uncover more and more of its secrets.

One article cannot summarize all the secrets of communication, but at least the advantages that come with learning and training communication can be listed.

What are the benefits of knowing communication and why is it worth practicing communication skills?

Let’s clarify in basic points why it’s worth practicing communication skills. And what does knowing communication and its techniques actually bring to our lives? You may be surprised.

Readiness and preparedness in different situations.

Knowing different types of communication helps us to react more effectively and quickly. For example, if you know manipulative techniques, they won’t surprise you. On the contrary, you may think to yourself: “Hmm, what an interesting use of this technique.” Knowing communication techniques and communication itself allows you to quickly orient yourself in the other person’s speech, adapt, and choose your next conversation strategy more effectively. Thanks to knowing communication, you won’t be caught off guard easily.

More freedom.

In a conversation with another person, you can choose from a wide range of reactions while understanding the consequences of each option. This allows you to influence your life in the direction you want. You take the reins into your own hands and take responsibility for your actions.

Faster understanding of others and uncovering the reasons for their behavior.

Based on communication, whether verbal or non-verbal, you gain a greater amount of information from others, allowing you to form a more accurate picture of them.

Stronger relationships.

Understanding others allows you to build stronger relationships. You know who you can trust and at the same time you can express your relationship, feelings, and thoughts without hurting or humiliating others. You know how to consciously choose your way of communicating. If you want to listen, you know how to do it effectively. You can express your opinion without negative emotions, accusations, or judgments.

Higher self-confidence.

The ability to effectively choose your way of communicating, as well as to react faster and more accurately, has a positive impact on self-confidence. Being able to rely on your communication skills at any time gives a sense of security to build upon.

Working on oneself and better self-awareness.

Through our own communication, we get to know ourselves. The words we use reflect our thinking. By changing our vocabulary, we can influence our thinking. We thus gain control over our own development.

Mastering the power of communication requires persistence and training. However, the journey is worth it. In addition to all the advantages mentioned above, there is one more significant advantage worth mentioning. Practicing communication and improving communication skills is fun.