The bathroom is not only a place to maintain hygiene, but also a space where we can find privacy and relax. The psychologist told why emotions are easier to experience in the bathroom and why sometimes we are especially lazy to go to the shower.


Have you ever noticed that sometimes it is especially difficult to tear yourself away from your seat and go to the shower? It seems that there are much more interesting and important things to do. And you need to literally gather your will into a fist to make a dash to the bathroom. Why is this happening?


Physical fatigue

If a person feels tired, it is difficult for him to find the energy to perform daily tasks, including taking a shower. In such cases, he will prefer to rest or do other things, postponing the shower for a more convenient time.

Lack of motivation

For some people, showering can become a chore, an uninteresting duty. If they don’t see the immediate benefit of showering, the proverbial answer to the “why now?” question, then showering can wait.

Psychological factors

Laziness or lack of desire to take a shower can be associated with an emotional or psychological state. For example, people suffering from depression or an anxiety disorder are not up to hygiene. Also, some people may have an aversion to water, the bathroom, or the very process of taking a shower, associated with a negative past experience or phobia.


However, sometimes you just have to start, and the bathroom is literally “addictive”. What are the reasons?


The murmur of water, the massaging sensations from the jets over the body and the foam in the bath help to relax and relieve tension. It creates such a pleasant feeling of physical comfort that a person dissolves in the current moment. You don’t want to give up on this.

Dodging duties

Some people may use shower time as a way to defer responsibilities. In such cases, they deliberately linger during the wash, just so as not to proceed with the tasks.


In the bathroom, we are in relative isolation, far from the noise and excitement of everyday life. This is a place where you can find solitude and immerse yourself in your thoughts, so people want to stay longer in this calm environment.


Spending a lot of time in the bathroom even when you are not washing can be attributed to the following reasons.

The bath becomes a place where a person takes care of himself

In the bathroom, we take care of our body, arrange various procedures: we make face masks, take aromatic baths. It is a manifestation of self-care that improves our well-being.

Time spent in the bathroom can serve as relaxation

The bathroom becomes a escape from everyday worries, a place where you can enjoy peace and quiet, separating yourself from the outside world. In addition, for some people, time in the water is a special experience of freedom, especially if they experience discomfort or soreness in the body. The bathroom is beginning to be associated with long-awaited lightness.

Bath as a space for meditation and reflection

The solitude and solitude that is achieved in the bathroom helps to focus on your thoughts, goals and personal development. When we are also in the water, we may feel more vulnerable and open to our thoughts and emotions. The absence of external stimuli and the presence of silence create an ideal environment for internal introspection. At this point, we can begin to ask ourselves deep questions.

For example, we may begin to remember past mistakes, doubt ourselves, or analyze our shortcomings. This time of introspection and introspection can lead to intense psychological anguish as we face our inner conflicts and emotions that may have previously been repressed.


Shower singing is common and has many psychological benefits.

Expression of emotions

When we sing, we can express the joy, happiness, or uplift of energy we are feeling at the moment. In addition, the melodies and rhythm of the songs have a calming effect on our psyche. While singing, we feel more relaxed and freed from everyday problems and anxieties. Warm water can “soften” our emotional barriers and help us express our emotions more openly.


Singing in the soul can become our self-expression. It can stimulate our creative thinking and imagination. It allows us to create our own music, experiment with voice, improvise. At the same time, the acoustic features of the bathroom tend to amplify the sound of the voice, which gives additional pleasure.