Any task can be solved, any result can be achieved. You just need to formulate the goal correctly, make maximum effort, and everything will definitely work out. This postulate works for most tasks. But in life there are also completely unattainable goals, which are not worth wasting time, money and effort on.

No. 1: “I have to make everyone happy.”

The truth is that this is technically impossible. Each individual is responsible for their own condition, whether they are happy or not. It’s even written in the Bible.

Often the mirror of this situation is the relationship with the opposite sex. Surely you have experienced a relationship in which you invested in your partner emotionally and financially. You gave, gave and gave, and in return you received all the same dissatisfaction and depressed look. Do you recognise yourself among the protagonists of this story?

No.2: “I must be perfect.”

We have finally found the key to achieving success! All it takes is to be perfect and not to make mistakes. And indeed, all successful people are such perfect beings, just angels in the flesh, and there are no blunders and scandalous stories behind them. We hope you caught the irony in these words.

No.3: “All my projects must succeed.”

This unattainable goal “rhymes” well with the previous one. In reality, you are panic-stricken that you will be criticised for making mistakes. The two biggest fears that make us incapable are the fear of failing and hearing criticism or judgement. Admit that more than once you have said to yourself, “What will my friends say if I try a new thing? What will happen if I don’t succeed?” Imagine how life could change if you stopped fearing failure and stopped depending on judgement from others.

No. 4: “I have to satisfy and please 100% of my customers.”

Totally unattainable under any circumstances! You are not a candy to please everyone, are you? Imagine a situation where you are standing on the street handing out 20 euro notes. There will always be a few people who will walk past you. We don’t recommend going for such an experiment.

No. 5: “I have to achieve all my goals by the age of 25, 30, 40, 50, 60.”

Often we hear that a goal is a dream, but with a specific date of realisation. We and live in tension under the slogan “build a house by the age of 25, have children at 30” and so on.

In real life, achieving goals takes twice as long as we let ourselves go or set out. When the deadline has come and gone, people become frustrated and see themselves as failures. We must recognise that most often these round dates do not oblige us to anything. By no means should you hate yourself if you haven’t built a house or had a baby by the scheduled due date. Frustration is an anti-motivator.

If you feel like things aren’t going well in your life, stop running after phantom and unattainable tasks. Plan specific, self-developing goals that will make you happy.