Why loved ones don’t support you: 7 reasons

When changes happen in our lives, for example in our work, relationships or even hobbies, we always want to share our ideas, discuss difficulties and get advice or support. It seems that friends and relatives should be interested in our success, but in reality they are the ones who “get” us the most. Why does […]

How to introduce a new partner to children: the main rules

It’s normal to be afraid to introduce your kids to your new partner. It is not easy for everyone to accept a new person, and even learn to live with him, as often happens in such cases … For everyone who faces such a process, there are some useful tips from psychologists and psychoanalysts. Psychoanalyst […]

What to do if a child is bullied at school: step by step instructions

Communication with peers does not always go smoothly. For some children, school turns into a place where being unpleasant, humiliating and even scary. Anyone can become a victim of ridicule. How to respond correctly if you find out that a child is being harassed? The teacher-psychologist of the senior Lomonosov school Ekaterina Vitkovskaya tells. Let’s […]

How to “fix” a spoilt child: 9 steps

A spoilt child often feels that the whole world revolves around them. They are used to getting what they want when they want it – otherwise they may throw a tantrum. But this situation can be reversed! It is possible to teach such a child to be hard-working, to develop empathy, resilience and respect for […]

How to make separation easier for children: 3 tips for parents

Separation is equally traumatic for both children and parents. But going through this phase is important: to learn to choose themselves, to get rid of illusions and to become adults. Both sides. We tell you why it’s important for children to find their own identity and what parents can do about it. There is an […]

What to do if loved ones don’t support your initiatives: 7 steps

Eyes burning, thoughts boiling, heart full of determination – you excitedly tell your parents, partner or friends about your plans, counting on support and a kind word. But you face criticism and the uncomfortable question, “Why would you do that?” Let’s look at why loved ones may refuse approval and how to go after your […]

Being raised by a grandmother: Is it possible to replace the parents?

When a child loses his or her parents, no one doubts that living with grandparents is the best solution. But often mothers and fathers make a voluntary and conscious decision to hand over the reins of upbringing to older family members. Can such a childhood be considered a fulfilling one?   FOR FAMILY REASONS Six-year-old […]

How effective are punishments for children? A new study answers

Humiliation and punishment do no good. Alas, for many parents, such measures still seem to be the right thing to do in parenting. Why is this not so? Recently a scandal erupted on Runet with the father of eight-year-old figure skater Miroslava Lebedeva – the man is accused of abusing his daughter, from whom he […]