4 exercises to turn toxic relationships into healthy ones

Love is a dance in which we move closer to our partner and further away. At some times we want to be closer, at other times we want to be alone with ourselves. Someone needs more communication, someone needs more independence. Sometimes this difference in needs leads to toxic relationships. Is there any way out […]

5 female actions, after which you should stop a relationship: men’s opinion

What can be a barrier to building a relationship? Men from different countries told about their feelings and the reasons that led them to the decision to break up. The stories are commented on by a psychoanalyst. CONTRIBUTIONS 1. Manipulation of tears Matthew, England At the beginning of our relationship I lost my head – […]

How to get out of a co-dependent relationship: 6 steps to freedom

Many people confuse co-dependency with love, care and healthy help, but in fact this concept has nothing to do with the above qualities. Such relationships are often formed in families where one or more members have a substance addiction or mental illness. How can you stop indulging your loved one’s weaknesses and start living your […]

Whether to go back to your ex: answer these 5 questions

Do you feel the urge to call him, especially after a glass of wine? And after two, you’re already texting? Don’t let your longing for the past blind you. Loneliness or the failure of a new relationship can make you wonder if you should return to a former partner. However, before you begin to seriously […]

7 signs that you’ve been wronged: some of them you wouldn’t even notice

Small grudges can build up over time – especially if they’re not discussed. And when there are too many misunderstandings in a relationship, a major conflict is inevitable. There is always a dynamic in a relationship between two people – and whether it is positive or negative depends only on the partners. If time after […]

6 signs that you’re stuck in an imaginary relationship

By continuing to hope for the best, you can fool yourself and get deeper and deeper entangled in a toxic relationship. Check to see if a similar thing is happening to you. You have been in a relationship for quite some time and you have been waiting for your partner to change for the better. […]

How to forgive a father: personal experience of a psychologist

It is generally accepted that adult children are easier to survive the separation of their parents. But even at 20, the departure of a father can leave such deep wounds that it will take many years to heal. Psychologist Olga Khodaeva tells what she went through before she was able to forgive. I’ve been meaning […]

How to introduce a new partner to children: the main rules

It’s normal to be afraid to introduce your kids to your new partner. It is not easy for everyone to accept a new person, and even learn to live with him, as often happens in such cases … For everyone who faces such a process, there are some useful tips from psychologists and psychoanalysts. Psychoanalyst […]

8 signs of true falling in love

Falling in love is a trembling, subtle feeling. And contrary to preconceptions, it’s also characteristic of a mature relationship. These 8 signs can help you determine if you’re in love. The glow in our eyes, the butterflies in our stomachs, the weakness in our knees. We feel falling in love on a bodily level, but […]