The fact that psychotherapy is helpful in treating mental disorders is well known, but it is less known that it can also be used by people who do not have any mental health problems. Difficulties in interpersonal relationships or a lack of self-confidence – all of these and other problems can only be solved by visiting the right therapist.

Many people feel that talking to a therapist will not actually help them. Such thinking may have various reasons. One possible reason may be simple fear of opening up to a stranger. However, psychotherapy is supposed to help patients solve the difficulties they face daily.

Psychotherapy and mental disorders

Psychotherapy is one of the methods of treating various mental disorders. Patients with depressive disorders can use it, but also people struggling with certain anxiety disorders, such as generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, or specific phobias.

Therapy can be very helpful in treating obsessive-compulsive disorders, eating disorders (such as anorexia and bulimia), and various types of personality disorders. Psychotherapy can be used not only by people with mental disorders, but also by people struggling with other types of difficulties.

Psychotherapy and difficulties in interpersonal relationships

Today, it seems that various types of interpersonal relationships are formed slightly differently than in the past. Many relationships break up after a very short time, and divorces currently surprise few.

More and more people today have difficulty communicating with their loved ones and other people around them. They feel underestimated, have the impression that their partner does not want or cannot meet their expectations, and that colleagues and superiors do not appreciate their efforts.

When a patient feels tense due to such difficulties, they become demotivated and feel as if they are completely alone with their problems. In such a situation, it is worth considering turning to psychotherapy. Together with the therapist, it will be possible to objectively look at the difficulties that the person is facing.

Psychotherapy and various life failures

It is difficult to consider the modern era as truly friendly. For example, the pandemic can be mentioned, which negatively affected the lives of the majority of the population. Job loss, relationship problems, or school difficulties have actually become commonplace.

The above-mentioned problems can lead to various difficulties – for some, they result in withdrawing from interpersonal relationships, for others, depression develops, and for others, excessive use of psychoactive substances is the consequence.

When a person feels that nothing is going well in their life, it is worth considering seeking the help of a psychotherapist. Together with a specialist, it will be possible to analyze why events have had such a strong impact on the patient, but also to find solutions on how to cope with difficult emotions.

Psychotherapy and problems with stimulant use and other addictions

In connection with addiction, alcoholism and drug addiction have traditionally been the most common problems. However, there is increasing talk about other addictions, such as computer addiction, gambling, pornography, and shopaholism.

These types of problems can have a destructive impact on the family and professional life of the dependent person.

Therefore, you have to fight addiction. The method by which it can be overcome is precisely psychotherapy. Group and individual therapy are used. Their main purpose is to find out why the patient has lost control over their behavior and to support them in maintaining abstinence.

Psychotherapy and lack of self-confidence

The media still promote the image of successful people who are beautiful, rich, and even if they have five children under their supervision, always have time to look perfectly made up and good-looking.

Most people know very well that the reality of the media is to some extent false. However, it still happens that communication with it leads to various types of complexes or a decrease in self-confidence.

Some people struggle with low self-confidence from an early age. There are various reasons for this. Sometimes it is due to poor parenting, sometimes it is due to school problems, or multiple relationship failures.

In a situation where the patient notices that a lack of self-confidence simply makes it difficult for them to function, they can seek the help of a psychotherapist. With them, it will be possible to focus on the causes of this condition, as well as strengthen the patient’s self-confidence.