Trust is the main factor that gives people a sense of security. It believes that the future will work according to our expectations. The feeling of trust is the foundation not only of love but of all human relationships. It’s not worth wasting time with people who bring us disappointment and pain. What is trust? How to trust after betrayal or deceit? How to restore trust in a relationship?

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Trust in another person is the fundamental pillar of interpersonal relationships. We give it to everyone around us, believing that they will act honestly with us. This honesty does not necessarily involve ethical behavior and should not be compared to morality. Honesty may not always be understood unambiguously. It is expected that the other person will usually do with us what we would do with them. It will not always be associated with actions that are positively marked in social understanding.


Lying or providing incomplete information to your partner will lead to a decrease and ultimately loss of trust in your relationship. Ironically, it’s often the person who subconsciously suspects their partner of the same behavior who lies the most. Frequent lies lead to a loss of respect in the relationship, and this moment is a step towards ending the relationship. People who resort to frequent lies feel controlled. However, lies have short legs, and sooner or later the truth will come out, which will have very unpleasant consequences. The partner will question any promises made, recognizing that the entire relationship was built on a lie. They may even conclude that the feeling they had was not genuine.

So how can trust in the other person be restored after deceit? First, we should recognize whether the mistake was made on our part. The second step is to ask ourselves whether our behavior may have forced our partner to deceive us? Did we push them too hard? If your answer is yes, then you should honestly discuss it with your partner, apologize for your actions, and start working on yourself. Without honesty, you cannot build a genuine relationship based on trust and respect.