You often struggle to focus and your mind is constantly filled with news, memories, and thoughts – sometimes you wish to think less and “turn off” your mind so you can finally relax, right? People who feel this way are referred to as mentally overachieving.

They perceive stimuli more strongly than others

Unfortunately, the concept of “mentally overachieving” is associated with problems arising from excessive emotional experience. Endless and highly sensitive analysts perceive everything happening around them as exceptionally intense, even situations that most of us would consider unimportant.

The high sensitivity of some people can cause them to react extremely nervously when they feel that their value system has been violated. Their senses are too sensitive to actions that go against these values. We often perceive this as a difference between society, and at the same time, in contact with friends who are also sensitive to even the slightest impressions, we can help them stay calm, pay attention to the precise expression of themselves and their needs through appropriate words or gestures. Why? Because mentally overachieving people receive much more signals and information from the outside world than the average person.

Given that they pay attention to many details, their emotional reality can be much more complicated and chaotic, making it difficult to control and avoid impulsive reactions when so many different thoughts are fighting for a place in their mind, and everything seems important.

Such a person usually relies on their instincts when making decisions. It is easier for them to understand the states of the world and its global elements as a whole based on associations – of which there are many. This is why these people feel like their brain is constantly working and processing thoughts. Most people with this condition often feel like they are from another planet. On the other hand, people with this personality type better understand other people and can quickly see what troubles them – this is due to their sensitive senses. It is worth noting that they are also characterized by above-average creativity.

Is hypersensitivity an exceptional problem?

Sometimes, when we really want to distance ourselves from our feelings, our defense mechanisms start working. The same is true for mentally overproductive people. They try to suppress emotions that cause strong reactions in them. This is extremely difficult for them, as they feel everything more strongly every day, often doubt which emotions to trust, and so it happens that we perceive them as cold and unpleasant individuals. Highly sensitive people can also be easily manipulable because they do not want negative emotions about other people to affect them.

Despite this, highly sensitive people are actually very curious about the world and enjoy learning new things or discovering interesting places. Thanks to the many stimuli they receive, over time they learn to carefully consider their decisions and choose the most important emotions. Thorough and detailed analysis of problems under the supervision of a psychologist contributes to making the right decisions. You cannot get rid of overstimulation – you have to accept it and incorporate it into your life. This way, you will become aware of the good and bad qualities associated with it. When you accept this part of yourself, you will realize that you need to organize your thoughts. Remember that every mistake or failure can teach you something. Do not be afraid to consult with a psychologist who can help you better understand your psyche.