The 5 rules of true self-care

Self-care is often misunderstood. It means indulging one’s own weaknesses, paying too much attention to one’s appearance, and turning to fashionable spiritual practices. This approach is in the hands of business – beauty salons, trading companies and numerous “gurus”. But in reality, this concept is much deeper….. There has been a lot of talk lately […]

Love or profit: what a relationship is really based on

Everyone wants to have a great relationship with their partner. But in practice it often turns out not to be so. Moreover, divorce statistics show that a significant part of people in principle can not build a dialogue and solve the arising contradictions, which leads to the destruction of families. Why does this happen? Maybe […]

10 signs that you were raised by narcissists

Growing up with such people leaves indelible scars on your psyche for the rest of your life. Parents with narcissistic personality traits inevitably cause their children severe psychological trauma, which they have to deal with throughout their lives. Callousness, coldness, focusing solely on themselves, their interests and pleasures – all this does little to make […]

How to benefit from negative rumination: 3 steps

Reflection, ‘self-digging’, self-analysis – many people find these activities pointless or even a harmful waste of time. In fact, this process can be a powerful impetus for our growth and development. If we approach such reflections consciously, they can be a very useful tool for learning about ourselves. A recent study has shown that reflection […]

5 fears that prevent us from asking for help

It would seem that there is nothing wrong with asking for help, because everyone has difficulties. But when you have to ask someone for a favour, many people are embarrassed, take a long time to gather their courage and struggle to find the right words. A psychologist explains why this happens and tells you how […]

5 steps to regain the meaning of life

You don’t feel like doing anything. You feel empty. You have a lot to thank fate for, but you don’t feel grateful. Our author, who once found herself in such a situation, tells us what helped her get back to life. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE People around me are used to the fact that I work hard, […]

How to realise that things aren’t working out with your partner: 3 red flags

Passion, shared memories – all of these things help us to ignore the signs that something is going wrong in a relationship for a long time and quite successfully. Moreover, sometimes we intuitively understand from the very beginning that the union is doomed, but we prefer not to think about it. How can we honestly […]

Happiness: 5 rules you don’t know about

The more persistently we chase happiness, the less chance we have of finding it. That’s the conclusion a happiness expert has drawn from his research. And here’s what he suggests in return. Many studies show: the key to happiness is a clear understanding of your goals. From childhood, we are taught that we should set […]

Everything for yourself, nothing for others: why selfishness is actually useful

How many times throughout our lives have we heard the phrase, “What a selfish person!” And it sounds distinctly disapproving. So what’s wrong with putting yourself first? And is selfishness really such a bad quality to get rid of? An altruist is a person who cares about other people and is always ready to help […]

10 quotes from modern psychologists about happiness and its secrets

In honour of the International Day of Happiness, we studied books and interviews of popular today’s experts – Alfried Langlais, Igor Kon, Lyudmila Petranovskaya, Mikhail Labkovsky, Alexander Shakhov – to find the key to real happiness. Every day many of us wonder: are they happy? If yes, what is this feeling? And if not, what […]