“Restarting the Chance Generator.” 4 ways to attract luck

Positive psychology assures: luck can be attracted to your side. How can we make it happen more often? WHAT IT IS Types Luck is both an object of lust and a subject of prejudice. It is believed that there are two types of lucky people: Those who “collect” favourable cases simply because they were born […]

6 easy ways to cheer up without coffee or pills

Drowsiness and lack of energy can occur for various reasons. You don’t have to drink coffee to cope with these feelings – other simple and even free methods proven by psychologists will do the trick.   According to statistics, 32% of Slovaks cannot start their working day without coffee. The hot drink helps them to […]

Loving yourself: what it means

Self-love is often described as living at your own pleasure, arrogance or selfishness. This is not true: there are many meanings to this feeling, and it is almost the most important thing in life. WHAT IT IS We’ve all heard how important it is to love yourself, but what does that really mean? It’s more […]

5 most popular queries with which women go to psychologists

Each psychotherapist’s client has her own unique situation that requires an individual approach and solution: abusive relationships, childhood traumas, toxic staff at work… But there are issues that bother most women on the planet. The psychologist told us about five problems that most women turn to specialists for solutions. 1. RELATIONSHIPS WITH TEENAGE CHILDREN Always […]

Action or inaction: what we regret the most is what we actually do

Máme tendenciu ľutovať veci, ktoré sme nikdy neurobili. Znamená to, že by sme mali povedať áno každej novej príležitosti? Samozrejme, že nie. Ale ak ste celý život o niečom snívali a dvere boli zatvorené, neignorujte chvíľu, keď sa trochu otvoria. WHAT’S BETTER: TO DO OR NOT TO DO Imagine this scenario. You were sorting through […]

What price you pay when you work for a toxic boss: 4 serious consequences

Great leaders inspire employees and discover more and more talents in them, while toxic managers deprive people of motivation, physical and intellectual strength. A psychotherapist talks about the harm of such bosses for both individual employees and the company as a whole. A lot of my clients complain: “My boss is a tyrant. I need […]

4 exercises to turn toxic relationships into healthy ones

Love is a dance in which we move closer to our partner and further away. At some times we want to be closer, at other times we want to be alone with ourselves. Someone needs more communication, someone needs more independence. Sometimes this difference in needs leads to toxic relationships. Is there any way out […]

Why self-monitoring can hurt you: 2 reasons

Is a high level of self-control always an advantage? We tend to admire those who have it and criticise those who lack it. In fact, this really useful ability can have a bad effect on both mental health and success. We tell you when excessive self-discipline can harm you. 1. PROBLEMS WITH AGGRESSION Most often, […]